APC600 PP Vertical Automatic Forming Machine Complete

Descrição do produto

Automation conceived for box forming by closing the four lower laps (bottom) so that the boxes are ready for vertical filling by means of the incorporated Pick & Place device. The forming device consists of a structure made of metallic tubes and painted panels with adjustable bases and support. The lower lap closing is carried out with adhesive tape or glue. The carton store has an inclined position in order to help the operator; it has a capacity of about 100 cartons and is equipped with automatic advancing, in order to assure always the carton presence in front of the withdrawal point. Adjustments for size-change are carried out by means of handwheels. The carton opening is made sure through a withdrawal head with suckers operated by a vacuum pump. The lap closing is carried out by a pneumatic device. The machine is equipped with pneumatic material in compliance with ISO norms and control electric board in compliance with EC norms. To control the product to be inserted, it is used: a feed belt where a dimensional check of the product is carried out, a separating belt to prepare the necessary quantity to form a layer, a compacting cylinder and a by-pass to allow manual working. The carton to be filled comes from the forming device where the adjustable pneumatic stops and the photoelectric cells for the carton presence control are assembled. A centring funnel, with vertical movement, positioned in order to make the filling easier, is inserted in the carton. The two-axle manipulator, operated by electric engines and controlled by brushless, draws the previously prepared product layers and transfers them in the carton up to the deposit level. The product withdrawal is carried out by means of suckers with vacuum pump or, as an alternative, by means of pneumatic pliers. Forming Device Description PAINTED STEEL STRUCTURE ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC FUNCTIONING MACHANICAL AND PNEUMATIC OPERATION SIZE-CHANGE ADJUSTMENT THROUGH HANDWHEELS CARTON TRANSPORT AT FIXED SPEED SIDE BOARDS ADJUSTABLE THROUGH HANDWHEEL LOWER LAP CLOSING WITH ADHESIVE TAPE CARTON STORE WITH WITHDRAWAL SUCKER ARM PLC-CONTROLLED ELECTRIC INSTALLATION SAFETY PROTECTIONS ON ALL PARTS WITH CE NORMATIVE Pick e Place Description PRODUCT TRANSPORT BELT WHOSE SPEED CAN BE CHANGED THROUGH INVERTER, WITH STOP FUNCTION TO SEPARATE THE PRODUCT PNEUMATIC COMPACTING DEVICE BY-PASS FOR PRODUCT UNLOADING CENTRING FUNNEL CARTON PNEUMATIC STOPS WITH DRAWAL HEAD WITH VACUUM OR PNEUMATIC DEVICE Technical Characteristics MIN. CARTON BOX DIMENSION: 200 X 150 X 80 H. MAX. CARTON BOX DIMENSION: 600 X 400 X 400 H.