Casepacker Shape and Closes in Automatic Rifle Boxes of Type American mod. CO400

Descrição do produto

Automation designed for the forming of boxes to be automatically filled horizontally. The boxes are placed manually on a magazine and collected by a suction cup unit. Batch-depositor automatically fill the box with products. Pneumatic and mechanical devices close the box ends and sealed with tape or hot melt. The machine is integrated with automation adapt to the mold preparation of the burden to introduce automatically in the cardboard. The format to batches comes from a conveyor online with the wrapping machine and comes sended in accumulates to the feeding for casepacker. Devices mechanical and pneumatic to us form and introduce the layer formed in the cardboard previously prepared, opened automatically on the casepacker. A large range of batch-depositors is available for the feed of bags, sheaths and jars. The eventual formed change is facilitated with the substitution of the drawer forms burden, composed in an only piece so as to avoid regulations Description MECHANICAL AND PNEUMATIC OPERATION PAINTED STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS HANDWHEEL ADJUSTMENT OF FORMATS PLC CONTROLLED ELECTRICAL SYSTEM SEALED WITH TAPE OR HOT MELT. CARTON MAGAZINE EQUIPPED WITH SUCKERS SAFETY PROTECTIONS ON ALL PARTS WITH CE NORMATIVE DIMENSIONS MAX BOX: MM. 600 X 400 X 400 H