Homogenizador & Emulsificador HD MIXER

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The revolution of the system

The 500 HD Mixer is the new device for homogenising or emulsifying mashed potato, soups, etc., for use in canteen, institutional and hotel kitchens and the food industry. Its innovative characteristic, not found on any other blender, is its straight shaft mixing head. Thanks to this feature, the 500 HD Mixer crushes at 900/1400 rpm but can also be used as a continuous blender, operating non-stop for long periods of time. With a wheeled supporting structure which makes it easy to manage and the automatic raising and lowering device, it can be inserted and used in kettles and braising pans from 150 to 300 litres. The 1000 HD Mixer model is also available for pans of higher capacity, from 500 litres upward.

What?s more, Nilma has recently developed 500 HDV Mixer, a special model capable of cold-emulsifying large quantities of powders in wheeled containers 200 or 300 litres. The mixer is mounted on a holding wheeled structure with two doors and safety microswitch. The operator controls operations by means of the external control panel, monitoring operation in complete safety. Operating procedures are extremely user-friendly: once the wheeled container has been inserted inside the machine?s, water (or any other liquid required) is added, the mixer is automatically lowered into it and the powder is poured in through the funnel at the top. The mixer head unit, with blades on the impeller (for processing products containing fibres) operates at 900/1400 rpm, and thanks to the straight shaft it can keep emulsifying uninterruptedly for as long as the process requires.

HD Mixers represent a revolution in the field due to their capability for homogenising, emulsifying and blending with just one device, a factor which keeps all the finished product?s qualities and sensory characteristics intact.

All models are constructed entirely in 18/10 stainless steel, in accordance with the EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-64 standards, and carry the EC marking.


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