Horizontal Forming AS220

Descrição do produto

The horizontal forming AS 220, forms fill and closed boxes automatically using pre-glued cartons. It consists essentially, of a compartment conveyor with intermittent drive for the product to be put in, of a carton magazine, of a second box conveyor equipped with product insertion device, end flaps folding and closing device. Products can be loaded into the machine infeed manually by the operator or automatically by synchronization unit. Most components of the machine are adjustable so that format changes are particularly easy to carry out. Description MECHANICAL AND PNEUMATIC OPERATION PAINTED STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS ADJUSTABLE CARTON MAGAZINE CONVEYOR WITH ADJUSTABLE COMPARTMENTS WITH INTERMITTENT DRIVE CARTON MAGAZINE EQUIPPED WITH SUCKERS PRODUCT INSERTION SYSTEM PROVIDED WITH SAFETY DEVICES NO PRODUCT AND NO CARTON DETECTOR HOT-MELT GLUE CLOSURE OR HOOKS CLOSING CHANGE OVER BY HANDWHELLS ALL PARTS TOUCHING THE PRODUCT ARE MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL SAFETY PROTECTIONS ON ALL PARTS WITH CE NORMATIVE DIMENSIONS MIN.BOX: MM. 40 X 125 X 25 H DIMENSIONS MAX BOX: MM. 220 X 290 X 100 H