Descrição do produto

Economic and simple machine, very easy in use, robust, and with all the performances of the bigger machines. Ideal for use with prestretched film and can also be used with film without carton core (optional). Technical features > Turntable ø 1500 mm. > Max. Load weight: 1500 Kg. > Max. Load dimensions: 800x1200mm. > Load height sensing photocell. > Wrapping height Max. 2150 mm. > Start/stop of rotation in phase adjustable by inverter. > Speed of carriage separated adjustable in upwards & downwards movement. > Beeper at cycle start and phase stopping at cycle end. > Emergency stop button following CE norms. > Button to reset machines. Functions following CE norms. > Stop and rise of carriage with sensor in basement. TP version > Turntable ø 1650 mm. > Max. Load weight: 1200 Kg. > Max. Load dimensions: 1000x1200 mm. Parameters adjustable from control panel > Bottom&top pallet wrapping rounds separated. > Rotating speed adjustable. > Spool carriage upward & downward speed separated. > Photocell sensing delay. > Push buttons for manual movement machine. > Height of pallet (without photocell). Base cycles selectable from panel > Cycle ascend & descend. > Cycle only ascend/descend. > Manual cycle. Functions activated on base cycle > Top sheet function. > Wrapping cycle with height meter (without photocell). > Wrapping cycle with reinforcement wraps with manual button. > Cycle in layers. Basement options > 1650 mm - max 2000 kg > 1800 mm - max 2000 kg > 2200 mm - max 2000 kg > Extended basement. > Trans pallet 1800 mm – max 1200 kg.