Descrição do produto

Automatic stand alone wrapping turntable with clamp and cutting system, simple and reliable. Technical features > Turntable ø 1800 mm. > Max. Load weight: 2000 Kg. > Max. Load dimensions: 1000x1200 mm. > Load height sensing photocell. > Wrapping height Max. 2500 mm. > Indication alarms. > Opening for forklift front/back. > Key block. > Automatic clamp and cutting system. > Perimeter protections with photocells and cycle start button external. Parameters adjustable from panel > Rotation speed of turntable. > Carriage speed separated in Ascend/Descend. > Number of rounds separated in top/bottom. > Photocell sensing delay. > Tension of film separated in ascend/descend/top/bottom > Pre-stretch ratio of film separated in ascend/descend/top/bottom (only MPS2) > Height of reinforcement wraps with adjustment of number of rounds. > Start of cycle at preinstalled height. > Film cutting system on / off > Selection of cycle. - Automatic - Semi-automatic - Cycle ascend & descend. - Cycle only ascend/descend. - Waterproof cycle. Functions to be activated on cycle > Wrapping with pre-set height. > Number of reinforcement wraps at pre-set height. > Layer cycle. > Cycle with pressure unit.