Descrição do produto

Stretch wrapper by rotary arm, easy in use with a great operational reliability, robust and complete with all performances.

Technical features

> Max. Load dimensions: 1000×1200 mm.
> Load height sensing photocell.
> Wrapping height Max. 2000 mm.
> Indication alarms.
> Opening for forklift front/back.
> Key block

Parameters adjustable from contol panel.

> Rotation speed of rotary arm.
> Carriage speed separated in Ascend/Descend.
> Number of rounds separated in top/bottom.
> Photocell sensing delay.
> Tension of film separated in ascend/descend/top/bottom.
> Pre-stretch ratio of film separated in ascend/descend/top/bottom (only MPS2)
> Film cutting system on / off
> Start of cycle at preinstalled height. (ADVANCED)
> Height of reinforcement wraps with adjustment of number of rounds. (ADVANCED)
> Activate / Deactivate pressure unit.

Basic cycles

> Cycle ascend & descend.
> Cycle only ascend/descend.
> Manual cycle

Funzioni attivabili su cicli base

> Waterproof cycle.
> Wrapping with pre-fixed height.
> Layer wrapping cycle.