Grelhadora Automática


Machine for producing typical “grill” marks on the surface of products.

Fish, Meat, Vegetables, etc.

Meta Meccanica’s automated grilling machine is an extremely versatile piece of equipment for use in all automated areas of fish, meat and vegetable processing. Two horizontal rollers, positioned one above the other, are heated by two gas burners. These rollers then produce automatically the typical “grill” marks on both the upper and lower sides of the product. The rollers are heated indirectly – the flame produced by the two burners acts inside the rollers and not on the surface of the roller in direct contact with the product. The rollers only mark the surfaces with which they are in direct contact and do not cook the product, given the small area of contact and the short time that the product remains inside the machine. The product is fed towards the grilling area by a stainless steel belt. Once it passes through the grilling area an analogous belt extracts it from the machine. The upper roller height is adjustable, so products from 5mm to 35mm thick can be fed into the machine.
Thanks to the gas burners energy consumption is extremely moderate and analogous electric models on the market are not comparable. Productive potential ranges from 300 to 800 Kg/hr according to the product processed.
Meta Meccanica reserves the right to modify the machine in accordance with technological developments.

The Grilling Machine can be supplied alone or with a range of accessories for garnishing products.

Data Sheet
Power supply: 380v 3P+N+T
Water Consumption: 0 l/h
Electrical Consumption: 2.0 Kw
Gas Consumption: 120 nl/h
Hourly Production: 300/800 Kg/h*
*Production can vary according to the type and size of product processed.


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