Breadcrumb Coating Machine


This machine is designed to follow on from the “PASTELLINA” battering machine, coating already battered fresh or frozen meat, vegetables and fish products in breadcrumb.

Fish, Meat, Vegetable, Snack, ecc, ecc.

Particularly suitable for small and medium-sized producers, it nonetheless offers high productivity. The large tank holding the crumb means long processing autonomy. Easily dismantled for simple and thorough cleaning

Production Cycle
In the first phase the product is let drop from a height of only 2cm onto a layer of crumb placed on a horizontal forwarding belt (640cm/min.). The product is then drenched in crumb to coat it completely. Finally any excess is removed before the product is expelled. When flat products are processed a supplementary blower system removes any excess crumb

Data Sheet
Power supply: 380v
Belt motor: 0,18 Kw.
Archimedean screw motor: 0,37 Kw.
Materials: Stainless steel INOX 304, Peralluman, Bronze B14, non-toxic resins.
Optional: Blower system for the removal of any excess crumb after processing.
Production per hour: n.d.


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