Breadcrumbing Belt


Machine for breading food products on a continuous cycle.

Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Snacks, etc. etc.

Automatic breadcrumbing machine that coats fresh or frozen meat, fish, fruit and vegetable products in breadcrumbs.
Productivity is regulated by varying the speed at which the conveyor belt moves. Its speed ranges from 4 to 20m/minute. The effective width of the belt is either 250mm, 400mm or 600mm, depending on the model.
The tank containing bread automatically refeeds the working cycle. A sieve system in the upper hopper clears the bread of possible lumps or waste product and removes them from the production cycle.
Products enter the machine either manually or automatically and are laid on a layer of crumb on a horizontal conveyor belt. Products are then showered in crumb to coat them completely. Any excess crumb is removed before products leave the machine.
When flat products are processed the machine uses a cylinder to compress the crumb and a blower system to remove any excess crumb.
Although designed for industrial use, it does not alter the original characteristics of the product in any way. It is easy to use, clean and maintain.
Meta Meccanica reserves the right to modify the machine in accordance with technological developments.

Production Cycle
Automated machine for breading food products on a continuous cycle. On entering the machine the product is laid on a
layer of breadcrumb and then showered in crumb to coat the product completely. The roller used at the mid-point of the process compacts the crumb on the product and any excess crumb is removed using a blower system.

Meta Meccanica produces a wide range of breading machines for various uses and in different sizes. Breading machines are also available for zootechnical uses.

Data Sheet
Power supply: 380v 3P+N+T
Water Consumption: 0
Electrical Consumption: 3.5 Kw
Air Circuit: 0
Hourly Production: n.d.


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