Automatic machine for the industrial production of filled, extruded products.

Rice balls, croquettes, filled potato croquettes and filled gnocchi, etc.

Made entirely out of INOX steel, Farcimatik is a new and revolutionary automatic system put together
by Meta Meccanica to produce filled, extruded products.
The mixture and filling are loaded into the two upper hoppers. Maximum extrusion diameter is 70mm.
The electronic system allows you to determine the shape of the product.
A conveyor belt extracts the product on leaving the machine and deposits it on a production line where it is breaded, battered, fried and then packaged.

Production Cycle
Completely automatic machine designed to produce filled,extruded products. Farcimatik is equipped with an electronic shaping system that allows you to obtain products in the shape desired. The amount of filling and product dimensions are electronically regulated.

Data Sheet
Power supply: 380v 3P+N+T
Water Consumption: 0 l/h
Electrical Consumption: 1.5 Kw
Air Consumption: 0
Hourly Production: 120 Bpm
*Production can vary depending on the type and size of product processed.


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