Coats fresh or frozen meat, vegetables and fish products in batter.

Fish, Meat, Vegetable, Snack, ecc, ecc.

Although small in size and easy to dismantle completely, this machine is completely automatic and has the same capacity and functionality as an industrial-sized machine. An innovative production cycle means that the conveyor belt and tray that immerse the product are positioned inside one unique tank containing the batter (capacity 15 lt.). A stainless steel centrifugal pump, using a ball valve, causes the pre-dosed batter to fall in a double veil. This pump is driven by the same motor as the conveyor belt.

Best-suited to small producers, it is ideal for battering fish products, rice croquettes, potato croquettes, cutlets and olives “all’Ascolana”.

Production Cycle
The product can be placed on the conveyor belt either manually or automatically. The belt then coats the inferior part of the product by immersing it in batter. It coats the upper part by passing it between two veils of batter. Any excess batter is removed on the last stage of the belt before the product is expelled. When flat products are processed any excess batter is removed using a supplementary blower system.

Data Sheet
Power supply: 380v
Belt motor: 0,75 Kw.
Materials: Stainless steel INOX 304, Peralluman, Bronze B14, non-toxic resins.
Optional: Depending on technical requirements, a G60 volumetric pump can be mounted instead of a centrifugal pump. This allows a more delicate distribution of the batter, without altering in any way its organoleptic characteristics.

Production per hour: n.d.


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