Suitable for removing cores and edges of bell peppers and for cutting in vertical way into 1-2-4 strips.
Peppers are manually loaded, with the stalk looking downwards, onto cups controlled step by step by a chain where it is carried out by sequence :

1st cut by horizontal pneumatic saw
2nd cut by turning knife from down, positioned by a hydraulic piston
3rd cut by vertical blade for cutting into strips (1-2-4).
The machine is made up of :

hopper for manual picking-up of peppers
main chain with double cups for supporting peppers, controlled by “brushless” motors
chain advancement controlled by an encoder system
wastes’ discharge by hopper or elevator (on request)
pepper discharging belt
accident-proof protections made up by security micros with net and protection guard for limiting the cutting areas

Production: 40 – 50 peppers /1’ (approx. 700 kg/ora) – 1 operator
Production: 80 – 100 peppers /1’ (approx. 1200 – 1400 kg/ora) – 2 operators

Overall dimensions: 3000 L x 1600 x 2000 H. mm.
Installed power: 3 kW


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