Portioning Machine


Automated machine for slicing deep-frozen food.

Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat.

Automatically cuts whole frozen products into slices. The product is inserted into specific pipes positioned on the upper side of the machine. These hold the product fast. At the end of the pipe a rotating system with a saw blade cuts the frozen product on a continuous cycle.
The cutting system is completely closed off and the product can be loaded in the utmost safety even when the machine is working, cutting out downtime. The largest product diameter currently catered for is 350mm and the minimum 50mm. A kit containing pipes of different diameters is included and these are easily changed as required. Portion thickness can vary from 15 to 30mm with increments of 1mm. Blade thickness varies from 0,5-0,8 mm and changing blades is particularly easy. A specially-designed box catches any offcuts during processing. The machine guarantees very high productivity which varies according to the diameter of the product: 250mm diameter blocks yield 80 slices per minute, 50mm diameter blocks yield 156 slices per minute.
Meta Meccanica reserves the right to modify the machine in accordance with technological developments.

Production Cycle
The machine works on a continuous cycle without down-time for loading. The product to be cut is inserted into the upper part of the machine where specially-designed loaders make sure that the cut is clean and allow the use of thinner blades..

Various loading kits are available for The Portioning Machine, allowing it to cut a wide variety of food products..

Data Sheet
Power supply: 380v 3P+N+T
Water Consumption: 0 l/h
Electrical Consumption: 6.0 Kw
Air Consumption: n.d.
Hourly Production*: diam. 250mm > 80 Pz/min.
diam. 50mm > 160 Pz/min.
*Production can vary depending on the type and size of product processed.


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