Tambor Empanador Contínuo


Machine for breading rounded food products on a continuous cycle.

Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Snacks, etc. etc.

Covers rounded fresh and frozen goods such as meat, fish and vegetables in breadcrumbs.
Completely automatic, it crumbs products that have previously been coated in batter. Both processing times and speed can be adjusted. Although designed for industrial production it is extremely simple to use and does not alter the characteristics of the food being processed in any way.
Cleaning and upkeep of the machine is easy. It has AISI 304 stainless steel wheels with height adjustable brakes.
The product to be crumbed arrives at the machine manually or automatically where it is then placed in the roller. This is always filled with bread so that the product never comes into contact with the sheet metal. A filtering system eliminates lumps or waste product.
Meta Meccanica reserves the right to modify the machine in accordance with technological developments.

Production Cycle
Automatic machine for breading rounded food products on a continuous cycle. The machine’s special shape allows a uniform breading of the product without forming accumulations or deformations on its surface.

Meta Meccanica’s Revolving Breadcrumbing Drum is available in two principal models of different sizes.

Data Sheet
Power supply: 380v 3P+N+T
Water Consumption: 0
Electrical Consumption: 2.5 Kw
Air Circuit: 0
Hourly production: n.d.


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