Speedy Cutter… one machine

Speedy Cutter DS is one of professional kitchen equipment, essential for restaurants, small an big communities. Speedy Cutter DS is an universal food processor: with one machine it is possible to do many works like to mince, to grate, to shred, to whip etc.. in a fast and efficient way. The preparation of Mayonnaise, minced meat, bread, grated cheese or whipped vegetable soups, becomes an easy operation with the Speedy Cutter machine. You can do it in a while, with the guarantee of an absolute hygiene and with the advantage of a more rational work organization in the kitchen. The operation is based on the action of a special knife with two blades rotating that cuts with two speeds. From 20 seconds to 5 minutes maximum is possible to finish all operations. Simply, speedy and safe Speedy Cutter is one of catering equipment necessary in all kitchens. Speedy Cutter is available in five versions: DS 1- DS 2- DS 3- DS 4- DS 5 with bowl capacity from 23 to 120 liters.


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