Volumetric Doser


Machine for one-stage frying.

Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Snack, Battered and Breaded Products.

Deep fat fryer for frying battered and breaded products and other foodstuffs in general. Its innovative characteristics optimize the cooking process to maximize productivity and limit the use of oil. Products of a certain shape or consistency can be immersed in the frying tank either feeding them in directly from the battering machine or breading machine whilst products that could easily lose their original shape are fed in by belt.
After frying, products are placed on a belt manufactured from a special material that stops the batter from sticking to the conveyor system during cooking.
A system of strips placed within the frying tank makes sure products remain immersed for thorough and uniform cooking.
A set of small paddles in continuous movement at the bottom of the tank transport any waste or dirt fragments to a filtering system where they are separated from the oil and deposited in a container. Cleaning the machine is simple and thorough because the various processing elements can be opened.
Different models are available depending on hourly production requirements and the type of product to be processed.
Meta Meccanica reserves the right to modify the machine in accordance with technological developments.

The Deep Fat Fryer is designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements or those of the installation already in place.

Data Sheet
Power supply: 380v 3P+N+T
Oil Consumption: n.d.
Electrical Consumption: n.d.
Air Circuit: 6 bar
Hourly Production: n.d.


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